About The Cruise People, Canada’s First Cruise Only Agency. Now working with CruiseShipCenters. 


The Cruise People, since 1972 specializes in  contemporary and luxury cruises, expedition voyages, river cruises and liner voyages.

With our 50+years of experience we would be delighted to work with you to organize your perfect sea holiday.

Contact Info: Telephone Greater Toronto (647) 299 7447

Balance of North America: 1-877-982-8855 Ext 400 (Voicemail)





  1. Can you advise is their any passenger service from Canadian ports to Southampton, UK? Quebec, or Halifax for example? And if not to Southampton are there any transatlantic crossing from Canadian ports to any UK ports?

    Thank you kindly for your reply.


    Jeff Chartrand

  2. Look for a voyage on a freighter from the southern part of Europe to South Africa, leaving between january 5th and february 20th 2010. Could you offer such a trip for two persons??

  3. We would like to know cruise dates from UK to Montreal late June and back late July 2010. One couple sharing.
    Duration of crossing, cost and ports called at (if any).
    Please also include price one way as we may fly one leg.

  4. my father claims he is too old to fly and my brother is afraid to. what would the possibilities be for sailing a family of 6 from UK to US and back on your liners?thanks

  5. Hi I need to go to USA or Canada from everywhere in Europe with my motorbike. I do not want to put the bike in a wodden box. I want to keep it as in a ferry.
    I want to leave in may 2010.

    Do you provide this service?

  6. Hello, I am interested in a trip from Valencia, Spain or any other European port perhaps one in Germany, Bremenhafen with Halifax , Canada as the final destination the thing is I need to travel with my dog and my VW van and obviously myself as well. Do you offer this type of service or if not do you know of a company that does, sincerly Miguel.

  7. hello
    i am interested in a trip from canadian port to any scandinavian port in abril may 2011 with my wife and my car.
    do you offer this type of service or if not do you know one company that does?
    amati costantino

  8. I am looking for a cruise on a sailed vessel..to Cuba

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