Posted by: cruise2 | 18 October, 2016

Damen Reveals New Expedition Design

by Kevin Griffen of The Cruise People writing for

Damen Shipyards Group has revealed its design for an expedition cruise ship. The design also draws on the skills and expertise of Expedition Voyage Consultants Ltd and the Danish Naval Architect firm Knud E Hansen.

The Damen Shipyards' Expedition Cruise Vessel (Artist impression courtesy Damen Shipyards)

The Damen Shipyards’ Expedition Cruise Vessel (Artist impression courtesy Damen Shipyards)

The ship has been designed for expedition operations in both remote polar and tropical regions. The vessel’s Polar Class 6 compliance and 30 days autonomous cruising capability ensure she is globally capable and able to tackle challenging, far-reaching itineraries. And vessel’s design complies with SOLAS Safe Return to Port requirements.

Passengers will have views from multiple viewing platforms extending over the side of the ship or past the bow, providing the most spectacular vantage points of any expedition ship.
A specially developed crow’s nest will also aide visibility during ice navigation as well as giving passengers a panoramic view over the surrounding landscape.

The design can accommodate 115 passengers, although it can be scaled up to 200 passengers or more. Damen has selected a diesel-mechanical hybrid configuration for propulsion with medium speed engines. The service speed is 16 knots.

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