Posted by: cruise2 | 9 June, 2016

First Carnival Purpose-Built Ship To Go For Scrap

by Kevin Griffin writing for

The 1,478-berth Chinese cruise ship Henna last week arrived at Daishan, near Ningbo, south of Shanghai, ready to be delivered to the scrappers after a proposed sale price of $35 million failed to attract any interested parties.

The Carnival Jubilee

Carnival Jubilee

HNA Cruises shut down its one-ship cruise operation with the 1986-built Henna in November last year, just three years after starting up. HNA has ceased operating cruises but carries on now as a cruise booking agency.

Completed by Kockums Varv, Malmö as Jubilee in 1986, this ship was followed the next year by sister ship Celebration. Jubilee was Carnival Cruise Lines’ third newbuilding. She had been preceded by two earlier ships, the 1,022-berth Tropicale of 1982, the line’s first newbuilding, and the 1,452-berth Holiday of 1985. All four ships were completed in Scandinavian shipyards.

The 1,250-berth Magellan (Photo credit M. Witte)

The 1,250-berth Magellan (Photo credit M. Witte)

In 2012, the Henna became the first and largest cruise ship to serve mainland China. The ship was acquired from P&O Cruises Australia, for whom she had operated since 2004 as Pacific Sun.

The decision to close down the one-ship operation came after was based on money.  The now older ship faced very serious price competition with the arrival of newer and larger ships into the China cruising market in 2015.

While Tropicale now sails for Japan’s Peace Boat organization, Henna’s sister ships Celebration and Holiday continue to operate, the former as the Grand Celebration in the Palm Beach to Freeport trade and the latter as Cruise & Maritime Voyages’ Magellan.


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