Posted by: cruise2 | 30 March, 2015



The last few months have been quite big news in the cruising industry. What, with a healthy roster of new builds coming on line, plus the usual round of extensive refurbishments and enhancements and, of course, a few sad losses, there is more than enough in the way of new stories to keep the attention of industry watchers featured firmly on the here and now. And, in so many ways, that is exactly as it should be.

But two stories continue to fill me with a mixture of wonder, unease and, if I’m honest, downright dread. And both have slipped well under the radar in recent months.

Now entering her seventh full year of lay up in Dubai, the Queen Elizabeth 2 is seemingly no nearer finding a new home, or anything that even begins to approach a solution to her slow, suffocating demise in that neon hell hole known…

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