Posted by: cruise2 | 30 January, 2015


Anthony reports on a great, unique ship. That’s one reason why it’s hard to find a buyer for her.


Traumschiff kaput? Traumschiff kaput?

it is reported today that another attempt to sell off the boutique German cruise ship, MS Deutschland, has fallen through at the eleventh hour.

The 19,000 ton, 1998 built former flagship of Peter Deilmann cruises has been lying at anchor off Gibraltar for a while now, manned by a skeleton crew of around fifty who are maintaining the ship’s vital functions, as well as keeping her shipshape.

As a consequence, some forty-eight shore side staff involved in the admin side of operations have now been laid off, and the programme of cruises planned for the ship is officially cancelled as of now.

Things have spiralled rapidly for Deutschland since the abrupt cancellation of a scheduled November 2014 refit, which would have seen the addition of several Juliet balconies on cabins, as well as the installation of a new funnel.

Once put up for sale, between two to four…

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  1. Amid what is clearly a resurgence of interest in ” non-commodity ” cruising, it will be interesting to see who ends up operating the Deutschland and which part of the market they focus on. I assume, given her age, that her operating and maintenance costs, per hour under way, are probably at the high end of the spectrum. Given this it would seem that the more of her voyages she spends in port the better the bottom line.
    My modest proposal is that the new owners examine the option of spending 10 to 20 weeks per year serving the Bermuda port of St.George out of an east coast US home port. The itinerary is an ideal one for a start-up operation: Little or no lead-time required; Minimal Marketing cost; large pent-up demand; affluent but not snobbish customer base; 1500 mile round-trip per week with 4-plus days alongside; World Heritage Site destination with a long, successful history of hosting long-stay cruises.
    The newly formed Bermuda Tourism Authority, along with the Town of St.George are actively looking for ships to fill this niche so the new owners/operators – whomever they are – should get a warm welcome!

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