Posted by: cruise2 | 21 December, 2014



“Gotta go. Gotta go, get away…’ Georgie Fame

Deck. Ship. At sea.... Deck. Ship. At sea…. A few days away from New York now, and I’m already getting somewhat reflective on the adventure that is still unfolding like an old movie reel all around me.

Here on Queen Mary 2, there is the sense of being both participants in and, also, observers of some grand, period drama. Everything about the big liner is lavish, over sized and spectacular. Which, of course, is exactly what you would want from a ship that has this level of heritage, poise and breeding.

Wide, broad walkways form a series of spectacular thoroughfares throughout the public areas, flanked by enormous, brushed steel bas reliefs of life in ancient Egypt, Mexico and contemporary America, among others. These spaces, crowned by dramatic, almost double height ceilings merely serve to emphasize the colossal scale and grandeur of this Cunard paragon. She’s an…

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