Posted by: cruise2 | 20 December, 2014


Anthony captures the feeling.


“We have all the time in the world….” Louis ‘Satchmo’ Armstrong

Deck. Ship. At sea.... Deck. Ship. At sea…. Truer words were seldom said. Here in the surreal, floating fantasy world that is Queen Mary 2 on the Atlantic, time is not at a premium.

We have embarked on a crossing, rather than a cruise. Stripped of the need to go ashore every day or so, our attentions have turned inwards, towards our fellow ship mates and our own, often suppressed sense of personal indulgence.

Here, each day on the Atlantic is like a blank canvas, and each is yours to fill- or leave blank- as you desire. There is a mind boggling programme of scintillating lectures, a huge, expansive library, and a spa so big and all embracing that it makes relaxation a pure art form.

There is a high rolling casino, an entire arcade of luxury shops, and more bars, lounges and…

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