Posted by: cruise2 | 18 December, 2014


Anthony on the adults Atlantic front.


“I hear you’re leaving the ship tomorrow, darling. What time is the crane arriving to pick you up?’ Anonymous

When life gives you peaches and ice cream..... When life gives you peaches and ice cream…..

So, welcome back to the Queen Mary 2 as we continue on our course to New York. The weather has taken a bit of a turn for the worse out here. Captain Oprey tells us we have 2,000 miles to go to New York.

Nothing serious weather wise, just higher winds and more aggressive waves. For the first time, there is a pronounced pitch as the ship drops at the bow. When the bow slams back into those charcoal grey, white flecked rollers, it does so with an audible thump.

But I digress. Today- like most days out here- is all about the food.

I have a wonderful table in the pretty little Britannia Club restaurant. With open seating for most meals, our…

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