Posted by: cruise2 | 17 December, 2014


Anthony reporting from mid-Atlantic.


‘The liner, she’s a lady…’ Rudyard Kipling

Deck. Ship. At sea.... Deck. Ship. At sea….

Those words flitted through my mind as I sat at breakfast this morning in the Britannia Club on board the Queen Mary 2. Sunlight danced on the rolling, gunmetal waves as the liner romped at a stately twenty two knots across an unfeasible, calm December Atlantic.

We were several hours late setting out on this, the last scheduled westbound crossing of 2014. A fault with an Azipod line obliged Captain Kevin Oprey to wait until midnight to warp this colossal floating city clear of her berth. Thus, most passengers missed the departure of the ship, but it was just one of those things that cannot be helped in the scheme of things.

Soon after noon yesterday, the QM2 swept past Bishop’s Rock, and our crossing could truly be said to have begun. The sea was signature Atlantic trademark; surging…

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