Posted by: cruise2 | 13 December, 2014

Observations on Princess Cruises

From Beyondships, observations on Princess Cruises. A cruise for everybody but not everybody for the same cruise

Beyondships's Cruise Ship Blog

Cruise ship Royal Princess Royal Princess

Because I cruise so often, people often ask me which is the best cruise line. I always answer that it depends upon your lifestyle and tastes. Each of the major cruise lines sets out to present a different cruise experience. At the extremes, some seek to present a lively party atmosphere while others seek to present a refined cultural experience. If you want a party experience, you are not going to be happy on a culturally-orientated ship no matter how well the cruise line presents its concerts and lectures.

With that caveat, I thought I would do a series of postings offering some general observations about the various cruise lines. Hopefully, this will give you some indication of whether a particular cruise line is for you.

Recently, I have been cruising on a number of the Princess Cruises ships. Therefore, I thought I would start this series with…

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