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Agree with Anthony, completely. Anthony is scheduled to sail in RMS Queen Mary 2 next week.


QE2 has never been forgotten in her home port QE2 has never been forgotten in her home port

Voyage #434 westbound began at Southampton, QEII Terminal at 1900 hours, Thursday December 2nd, 1982. Arrival at Pier 90, Manhattan, was scheduled for 0700 on Tuesday, December 7th.

In command is Captain Peter Jackson, Staff Captain is Alex Hutcheson. Cruise director is Tim Castle.

This was my first trip on the QE2, and my first westbound transatlantic. The liner was still painted in the pebble grey, post Falklands colour scheme that many loathed, but I actually rather liked. I went out to see her in the ferry, Hotspur, on that bitterly cold day. At the bow, rust streaks were showing around the anchor hawsers. But I was still awed by my first sight of the fabled liner.

I had booked what was then known as a ‘student fare’- a share in a two berth, inner cabin- for around £220, a true…

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