Posted by: cruise2 | 6 December, 2014


Anthony gives good insight in Caribbean and Bermuda cruising.


Leave winter in your wake in the balmy Caribbean Leave winter in your wake in the balmy Caribbean

For generations of snowbirds and their European counterparts left shivering in the icy grip of an encroaching winter, the sudden allure of escaping on a Caribbean cruises is almost too much to resist. The option of swapping plum pudding for palm trees, blizzard swept streets for blinding white sand beaches, seems almost to good to be true.

And escape we do; literally by the hundreds of thousands, too. From November through to early March, the seven day Caribbean fun palaces sailing out of Miami and Fort Lauderdale are almost swamped by tidal waves of warm weather refugees. Airports from Berlin to Toronto, via all points Zurich, become magical portals to a beguiling world of sunny smiles, rum punches, reggae and rip-roaring entertainment. No wonder we go in droves.

But, as with anything, there are pros and cons to cruising the Caribbean…

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