Posted by: cruise2 | 26 November, 2014


Anthony puts into words what many of us think.


Six years in Dubai... Six years in Dubai…

I had not intended to write this piece at all, to be honest. With no new information to share about our beloved QE2, I did not want to either raise false hopes, fly potentially dodgy kites or- if I’m plain honest- depress myself thinking about the last six years.

But if I wanted to leave the story, it did not intend to leave me. Just as always during her long, happy life, the QE2 was never far from my thoughts. And today, of all days, please permit me the indulgence of sharing my own, personal take on how things stand.

I have always had grave misgivings about the intentions of those ‘gentlemen’ in Dubai, right from the moment that I first read the ‘glass funnel’ idea. As their original plans to mutilate the great lady surfaced like some crack addled Kraaken, I got more and more…

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