Posted by: cruise2 | 24 November, 2014


A unique ship in which I would have loved to sail.


Adios to Deutschland? Adios to Deutschland?

In a move that will surprise few in the cruise industry. German niche travel company, Peter Deilmann has finally been forced to end ocean cruise operations. The upshot is that the line’s sole vessel- the exquisite, 22,000 ton Deutschland- is now up for sale.

Two different buyers are said to be in the frame in relation to taking the ship on, but it is quite a conundrum to see where she might best fit. Deutschland was created as a labour of love by the late Peter Deilmann himself; her design and execution was a conscious attempt to recreate the late 19th/early 20th century opulence of such fabled Atlantic ‘fliers’ as the Kaiser Wilhelm Der Grosse and Kronprinz Wilhelem.

Herr Deilmann certainly succeeded in that respect. The Deutschland is a riot of Victorian era opulence, with huge chandeliers and ornate statuary, framed by gilded balustrades and deep, rich…

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