Posted by: cruise2 | 10 November, 2014

Cruise Names and Titles

By Kevin Griffin, managing director of The Cruise People Ltd in London, England.

The weekend papers have been full of news that China will employ quantum encryption in order to make its newest computer network between Beijing and Shanghai completely impenetrable to hackers. How odd it seems therefore that Royal Caribbean International has decided to base its new Quantum of the Seas year-round in Shanghai from next year.

Quantum of the Seas (Photo credit: Meyer Werft)

Quantum of the Seas (Photo credit: Meyer Werft)

The new network will largely be used by ICBC, the world’s largest bank, whose ICBC Leasing division has recently announced that it has agreed an $800 million financing package with Silversea so the latter can build three new cruise ships.

At the same time, Royal Caribbean will be basing Quantum’s 4,180-berth sister ship Anthem of the Seas in the UK. Although the anthem most passengers will think of will more likely be God Save The Queen or Rule Britannia rather than Beethoven’s’ Ode to Joy, the anthem of Europe, the name is more suitable than that of the ship she replaces.

The name of the 3,634-berth Independence of the Seas definitely had more of an American ring to it.

Some time back, we also mentioned that one cruise line ha

d an executive that held the title of Vice-President of Passenger Experience, in charge of on board revenue (as many of these experiences now have to be bought). Now, we hear that the UK supermarket chain Tesco has an executive called Head of Impulse Buying. Perhaps the cruise line and the supermarket could learn a few things from each other.


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