Posted by: cruise2 | 18 August, 2014


Anthony visits an ultra-luxury ship.


Lobby Bar Lobby Bar

Silver Spirit. 36,000 tons of exquisite, perfectly crafted cruise ship. All inclusive, all outside suites.A place where the cuisine of the Ritz meets the raffish indolence of the Riviera afloat. Just 510 guests are cossetted at a time aboard this floating fantasy island.

Forget crowds, lines of any kind, and ceaseless loudspeaker announcements. Your hardest choice here is whether to have a steak and champagne breakfast on your private balcony, or a midnight cocktail in one of the hot tubs. The ship combines space and grace in sumptuous Art Deco surroundings. There is shining brass, rich, deep carpets and lavish Italian marble everywhere.

Food on board is as fabulous and satisfying as the service. With laid back indolence on the menu every day, the Silver Spirit is a voyage to total, chilled out indulgence, no matter where she happens to sail in the world.

Step aboard, and enjoy…

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