Posted by: cruise2 | 16 August, 2014

In Defense of the Cruise: 5 Reasons You Should Take One

The curious passport presents thoughtful reasons.

the curious passport

As one sister returns to San Diego fresh from a 10-day cruise in the Baltic Sea that began in Copenhagen with stops in Berlin, St. Petersburg and Helsinki among others, the other is gradually pulling her plans together for a Greek Islands cruise in the Spring. Putting aside my envy of their past and pending travels, I am reminded that cruises can be an easy way to travel and experience new places.

That said, here are rive reasons to consider a cruise for your next trip:

  • 1. Sample multiple destinations with one plane ticket: Cruising is a practical way to get a taste for destinations you’d like to see yet would be ok without exploring any particular place in-depth. One doesn’t have to be chained to the extent of your walking abilities; onboard, book a shore excursion that oftentimes includes transportation to and from activities. During a cruise around Alaska, I signed up for a…

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