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Agree with virtually all Anthony says except I found her renovated interiors out of sink. Would have preferred her original interior as built renewed wherever at all possible.


Twilight Of The Goddesses- the magnificence that is QE2 Twilight Of The Goddesses- the magnificence that is QE2

By 1980, as Ronald Reagan assumed the mantle of President in the USA, only one liner remained in seasonal service on the age old Atlantic crossing between Europe and New York.

That, of course, was the QE2.

QE2's new, 1987 funnel QE2’s new, 1987 funnel

For the great Cunard flagship, the eighties were to be a truly eventful decade, anchored by two seminal events. One of those was to put her in extreme danger, while the second would guarantee her life extension well into the next century. We’ll come to those in a moment.

But there was, in fact, another liner sailing the Atlantic on the run to Canada during most of the 1980’s; the doughty little Stefan Batory.

Originally built for Holland America Line as the Maasdam in 1952, she was acquired by Poland to operate a one ship, transatlantic service in 1969. She…

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