Posted by: cruise2 | 3 February, 2014

Northwest Passage 70th Anniversary Voyage – August 25, 2014 – from $US9,095 per person


Akademik IoffeOne Ocean Expeditions is offering an exciting opportunity to travel through Canada’s fabled Northwest Passage on a special cruise to mark the 70th anniversary of the first ever single season transit of the legendary route.

Travelling in comfort on board the ice-class Akademik Ioffe between Cambridge Bay and Iqaluit, this unique 12-night voyage departs August 25, 2014, and retraces the deep-sea route followed by the RCMP St Roch in 1944 under the command of Staff Sergeant Henry Larsen.

On board for the occasion will be Larsen’s granddaughter, Doreen Larsen Riedel, who, together with passengers and crew, will have the opportunity to enjoy anniversary celebrations, interact with remote communities, visit historic locations such as atmospheric Beechey Island, where the Franklin expedition wintered before disappearing forever, and witness spectacular scenery and wildlife.

The first ever transit of Canada’s Northwest Passage was between 1903-1906 under the command of the great Roald Amundsen of Norway.

The feat was not repeated until 1940-42 when the RCMP St Roch completed a West to East transit of the passage. In 1944, Larsen undertook an East to West transit in the same season, marking the first ever single season crossing of the Northwest Passage and making  St Roch the first vessel to complete the route in both directions.

Following in the wake of those courageous men, to-day’s travellers will enjoy a much more comfortable experience. All One Ocean Expeditions’ voyages include on board accommodation, all meals, use of onboard expedition rubber boots, wet weather gear, shore excursions and landings, as well as educational presentations, expedition guides, naturalist staff, hospitality staff, an ER trained doctor, guided hikes/walks, complimentary tea and coffee, expert photography workshops and access to a multimedia room and download stations.

During the voyage, there will be a real chance of seeing pods of beluga or bowhead whales, rafts of ringed, harp or bearded seals and herds of walrus, all against a fabulous backdrop of stunning Arctic fjords, cliffs and glaciers.

Stopping off at remote local communities, rich in culture and tradition, such as Cambridge Bay and Pond Inlet, will allow passengers to see both the modern and ancient aspects of the Inuit culture, and perhaps to purchase carvings, jewellery and other crafts available from local Inuit artisans.

Prices start from US$9095 per person sharing a twin cabin on a full board basis including excursions (flights are extra).

For further details or to book please call Miri Lousna at The Cruise People Ltd in London on 020 7723 2450 or e-mail or The Cruise People Ltd in North America 1.800.961.5536



  1. this is the most exciting adventure i have see for sea travel! i am fascinated by people who can live in even N. Canada and this goes to the edge and back I shall watch to read stores about this, i only wish i were ON BOARD TO DO A LIVE BLOG OF THE EVENT! but unfortunately, costs prohibit this…

    • Its something I’d love to do too, Lee.

      • the solo passenger price on this incredible trip would wipe out my budget for more than 2014!

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