Posted by: cruise2 | 9 January, 2014

A Message from a Client to VIA Rail

During the holiday period I travelled from Kingston in Business class to and from Toronto, westbound Dec 21 on train 57 and eastbound Dec 27 on train 68. This was my first experience of the recent changes that you have made to your dining service. I must admit to being somewhat disenchanted. Your slogan has been "VIA a more civilized way to travel” and yet you have introduced dining service comparable to an economy flight with the crew endeavouring to service a large number in a limited time. You claim that there has been a demand from business class passengers to have the complete meal served in this manner, if so from the comments of my fellow passengers seated around me these were certainly not the passengers on the above trains.

It is obvious that this change has been made more as an economy measure than any other. I trust that the next step toward economy airline service won’t be the elimination of any meal choice. As it was, only two choices were available on these two trains which I realize can occur from time to time. However if this is a permanent decision I would like to make one suggestion. As you have eliminated printed menus as an "ecology measure" would it not at least be possible to at least have a menu at the check in counter in the business class lounge as before? On train 68 an announcement was made I believe as to the choices for dinner. Unfortunately the announcement was almost drowned out by the warning whistles from the locomotive at the time. This would at least eliminate the need for the attendant having to advise each passenger as to what was available and would definitely speed things up which appears to be the whole point of the exercise.

JXXX MXXXXXXX (VIA Preference########)


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