Posted by: cruise2 | 7 November, 2013

Four Voyager Class To Gain 75 Staterooms

by Kevin Griffin – The Cruise People, Ltd. – London

As Royal Caribbean International continues its ship revitalization programs, next in line for upgrades are four of the 3,114-berth Voyager-class. The Navigator, Voyager, Explorer and Adventure of the Seas will each receive about seventy-five new cabins in upcoming refits.

Navigator of The Seas

The fifth of the Voyager Class, Mariner of the Seas, was revitalized in May 2012.

The Voyager Class actually includes eight ships if we include the three stretched versions of the 3,634-berth Independence class. All were built in the same shipyard in Finland but the Independence Class ships are 95 feet longer and have an extra 260 cabins over the Voyager Class.

The refitted Voyager Class ships will now offer 3,264 lower berths, an increase of 4.8% in passenger capacity. While bringing their passenger space ratios down from 44 gross tons per passenger to 42, this is still within striking range of the 42.5 ratios of the Independence Class and above many newer ships being built today.

Explorer of the Seas

The four Voyager Class ships concerned will receive their new cabins on Deck 12 forward, surrounding the Spa, and Deck 3, aft around the photo gallery, adding a potential $30 million additional revenue per year for the line. All told, the five Voyager class vessels comprise 25% of the line’s capacity.

Navigator of the Seas will undergo work during her January docking at Grand Bahama Shipyard.

As The Cruise Examiner pointed out in October 2009, it was a Grand Bahama Shipyard executive that first pointed out that the potential extra revenue to a cruise line per new cabin is in the order of $100,000. For seventy-five cabins, that adds up to $7.5 million a year per ship and over four ships this comes to $30 million a year.

The Navigator will actually be getting eighty-one new cabins before entering year-round service from Galveston in 2014, meaning in her case $8.1 million a year in extra revenues. All the affected ships will receive the Chef’s Table experience, a Park Café, the popular Italian restaurant Giovanni’s Table, and an Izumi Asian restaurant. On deck, they will receive a new Flowrider surf simulator.

Adventure of the Seas and Voyager of the Seas will follow with similar modifications later in 2014.


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