Posted by: cruise2 | 22 March, 2013

UK & Canadian Incoming Markets

by Kevin Griffin

Cruise Britain released its latest figures, revealing that the number of cruise passenger visits to the UK’s 52 cruise ports increased by 11% to 723,000 people in 2012.

QM2 in Quebec City

QM2 in Quebec City

In total more than 100 ships visited the UK from 47 different cruise lines while 2012 also saw 962,000 passengers start their cruise from a UK port. Overall 84% of passengers were British. Since 2004, the number of visiting passengers has more than doubled and the number of ships calling (not calls) has gone from 76 to 105, up 38%.

Meanwhile, a new economic impact study released showed that 2.02 million cruise visitors to Canadian ports generated $2.38-billion generated in economic activity in 2012. The report by the North West & Canada Cruise Association (NWCCA) counted 1,101 cruise ship calls.

Interestingly, this is almost triple the UK port count, but both Alaska and Canada New England cruises attract vastly more passengers than the relatively small number of Round Britain cruises on offer each year.

The Canadian Tourism Commission has taken a particular interest in cruising and cruise visitors, as is reflected in its decision to be a headline sponsor for the second year running of the UK Cruise Convention 2013, due to be held in Southampton on May 23-24.


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