Posted by: cruise2 | 16 November, 2012

Celebrity Cruises Gift Certificate Programme

Celebrity One of the best ways to tap into hidden potential is with an Incentive Programme that works for you all through the year.

It’s no wonder the Individual Incentive has never been as popular as it is to-day. Cruises are tailor-made for the individual market because they are all-encompassing. And, Celebrity Cruises is the cruise line that does it very well. It combines state-of-the-art hardware on the seas with varied destinations and provide a range of rewards that can accommodate a variety of qualifying levels.

Celebrity Cruises’ Individual Incentive Travel Certificates are easy to purchase and simple to use. They are designed for companies who wish to develop a reward structure that is:

Flexible • Cost-effective • Easy to Implement • Luxurious

Individual Incentive Travel can be used to motivate and reward as many recipients as necessary. It gives the recipient the option of choosing the time, ship, and itinerary that fits their needs.

Here are some great examples of how organizations can use Celebrity Cruises’ Individual Incentive Travel Gift Certificates to reward employees, customers, and business partners:

• Recognition for achievement of targeted sales goals.

• Loyalty programmes, in-store promotions, contests, traffic builders and multi-level sweepstakes.

• Sales contests for distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers and independent representatives.

• Charitable raffles, silent auctions and other means to stimulate donations.

• Closing tool for a new mortgage for home buyers or car dealer rewards.

• Casino promotions to generate play or reward top clients.

• Motivation for non-sales goals such as productivity, safety, attendance, or customer service objectives.


Call us to see how as Individual Incentive Travel Gift Certificates can work for you.  We can be reached at 1-800-961-5536 or

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