Posted by: cruise2 | 19 September, 2012

Nishka has Crossed the Bar




Many long-time Cruise People clients and friends will recall Nishka the dog who worked here in the office for many years.

After a long life of almost 18 years (very old for a spaniel) she was put to sleep at her home.  Fiona, Diana and Colin (Fiona’s husband) were with Nishka.

One of many things she did here was to greet people, who often would bring her treats.  Sometimes clients and cruise line reps would bring their dogs too.  Once we ended up with three dogs here at the same time. 

Another gift Nishka had was to be able to speak on a hands free phone.  Often, when negotiating on behalf of clients and we could see things were not going as we wished Nishka would get on the line, have a good howl with the supervisors (never growl) and, amidst laughter, get the problem solved.

She was friendly, pleasant, smart and a great little soul to be with going through life.


Fair winds and following seas, Nishka dog.


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