Posted by: cruise2 | 4 April, 2012

01 April Aboard QUEEN ELIZABETH and Not All on Board Is as It Seems

Cunard Line

Cunard Line (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

courtesy weareCunard

Queen Elizabeth’s prank featured in the Daily Programme, the TV show with Keith Maynard and the Chief Engineer and the following announcement from the Captain at 0945:

Captains Announcement:

“Ladies and Gentlemen. Please may I have your full attention for this important announcement.

It has just come to my attention that during our last bunkering operation in Singapore on the 24th March we took delivery of thousands of tons of contaminated heavy fuel oil. The Chief Engineer has informed me that this fuel is unusable for our diesel electric motors [sic] and therefore until we reach Mumbai we need to use Queen Elizabeth’s Gas Turbines. These powerful auxiliary motors are normally only used to supplement our power and therefore we carry a limited supply of fuel for them. Fortunately due to their ecologically sound design we can use a variety of household and everyday items as potential fuel sources. The most effective of these is the Iotic gas produced from the burning of sun tan lotion.

Therefore ladies and gentleman we need your help. We have a receptacle in the Grand Lobby on deck one and if everyone onboard donates a squirt of suntan lotion then we calculate that we will be able to produce enough Iotic gas to power the Gas Turbines and help us reach Mumbai on time.

Thank you for your support with this unusual situation – together we can ensure a timely arrival in Mumbai.”

With the help of the carpenters and SSE Nicola we got a wooden and perspex receptacle built and we waited in the Grand Lobby for donations. Please see the photos below of people donating in good faith – we said we wanted a photographic record in order to say thank you!!

We caught out over 80 people who made donations……. others stood around the Grand Lobby and giggled……

Be thoughtful if you’re aboard a Cunarder next 01 April.  Here is where she’ll be.

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