Posted by: cruise2 | 14 January, 2012

Old Time Service with Modern Technology

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The Cruise People, Ltd. now has a wonderful research tool.  Whether you are thinking about cruising for the first time or you are an experienced cruiser, we can help you find that perfect cruise.  Fun, sun, beaches, adventure, culture or sights – there is a cruise here for you.

We have over 20,000 ocean and river cruises to show you including detailed itineraries, port descriptions and useful information about your cruise ship.

You can use the Quick Search to start or choose one of the offers or other links on this page.


  1. Great new feature, thank you.
    do you have a section for trans pacific?
    is there anyway to sort by price? Traveling solo I cant afford the luxury daily prices posted.
    Are all prices for outside cabins? What about inside prices?

    • Thank you for your kind words.

      If you look at “Pacific” cruises, the trans Pacifics are there.

      No way to sort by price – sorry. I can get up-to-date pricing on specific dates. Shortly we hope to have on line inventory for the most mass market ships – undergoing beta testing just now.

      Believe you have spoken with Fred of this office re freighters and he can advise freighters which are usually good bet for singles from a cost viewpoint.

      Rates are for inside cabins.


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