Posted by: cruise2 | 14 November, 2011

New Canadian Passports to Cost over 30% More

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Sheila Aue ( has reported the following.

Passport Canada has announced its readiness for the issuance of ePassports next year but the charges for renewals and new passports are still pending approval.

Passport Canada’s proposed new rate for a five-year ePassport will go from the current C$87 to C$120 and the new 10-year ePassport will cost C$160.

In accordance with the User Fees Act, all federal government departments must adhere to certain requirements before implementing new service standards and associated fees.  This ensures that any changes to government services fees obtain proper scrutiny.

Passport Canada, to comply with the Act, has published its fee-for-service proposal, which provides the new fees along with the rationale behind the proposed increase as well as the new services to be introduced as a result of the new enhanced document.

Canadians are invited to comment on the fee-for-service proposal by Friday, November 25.  Instructions on how to respond can be found in this document.
To learn more about the ePassport go to


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