Posted by: cruise2 | 9 November, 2011

Carnival Hikes Gratuities by 15% – And Tips Down Under

by Kevin Griffin of our London office

Carnival will be raising its recommended gratuities level by 15%, from $10 per person per day to $11.50. Seeing that Royal Caribbean recommends $11.65 and Norwegian Cruise Line $12, and Carnival has not changed its recommended tipping for a decade, this should be hardly be a surprise.

But apparently readers of Cruise Critic and certain other UK sites think otherwise, with comments ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime. Can you imagine?

There was even one post that Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines in the UK was trying to stop (some) British passengers from handing out empty brown envelopes on the last night of the cruise. Fred. Olsen still gives these out to passengers expecting them to tip.

What is funnier however (and leaving empty envelopes is not funny) is the timing of this announcement. Earlier this year, Down Under, Carnival announced that after its Carnival Spirit reached Sydney in October the policy would be “tipping not required.”

This almost makes it appear that Carnival is upping gratuities in the rest of the world just in order to pay the tips of those curmudgeonly Aussies!

To show that not all cruise lines are alike, however, Celebrity ceo Dan Hanrahan recently found himself denying that he had ever said “we’ll teach the Australians how to tip.”

While Carnival is “Aussifying” Carnival Spirit it is clear that Celebrity will still expect them to tip when they leave their own Celebrity Century from next March.



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