Posted by: cruise2 | 18 October, 2011

Carnival Europe, Australasia and Asia Account for 40% of Revenue


On Friday, Carnival Corp & PLC revealed that its EAA brands (Europe, Australia and Asia) saw its revenue share grow to 39.6% in the company’s third quarter ended August 31, 2011, up from 37.8% last year. The North American brands generated 55.7 percent of the revenues, compared to 57.3 percent for the same period last year, with the balance of revenues coming from “cruise support, tours and other.”

But the pressures on Carnival Corp’s Europe operations were revealed in the net income report. On the profit side, the North American brands were up year-over-year, accounting for 55.5% of Carnival’s net income in the third quarter, up from 54.4% last year. EAA brands dropped from 42.2% of net income in 2010 to 41.6% in 2011.

In North America, about 79% of the third quarter total came from ticket revenues, mainly driven by higher fares. The remaining 21% came from onboard and other cruise revenues.

On the other hand, EAA brands generate 84% of their revenue from fares and 16% from onboard and other cruise revenues, which also down due to lower shore excursion revenues. In comparison, therefore, North Americans pay 26.5% more after purchasing their tickets while Europeans paid about 19% above ticket price.

Overall, ticket revenue per passenger was $159.12 per day in the third quarter, and net onboard spending per passenger $39.47 per day, compared to $149.19 and $37.35 during the same period last year. This means that payments above ticket price were 24.8% this year compared to 25% last year, a slight reduction where one might have expected an increase.

Kevin Griffin of The Cruise People Ltd in London, England writing in

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