Posted by: cruise2 | 9 October, 2011

Our Fred Cherney Reports from POESIA

Cruise ship MSC Poesia

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Well, you all know I’m at sea (maybe in more ways than one!)

This could only happen to me .

New York has come up with yet another brainwave. No matter how many ships are sailing from Manhattan, all passengers go through the same security and then split up to the separate check-ins once cleared. Actually, that worked very well. It was fast and courteous! Pleasant surprise!

By the way, MSC’s check-in was fast, friendly and very efficient! One gal even recognized me from another cruise line. Well done, MSC!


It also means the porters are loading luggage for 3 or more cruise ships in the same place.

As I merrily cruise north to the St. Lawrence and Canada, my bag is having a great cruise in the Norwegian Jewel to Bermuda. I hope it has a super time!
NCL discovered the bag before sailing (when gangplank was in) but wouldn’t open a shell door to pass it out.

Of course, this means all my medications, electronic toys and clothes are absent from my cabin. It is hoped the "travelling" bag will catch up with me in a few days.

I can’t speak highly enough of the front desk in Poesia! Teresa and her girls couldn’t be nicer or more peasant. Really raised my opinion of front desk people!

You might get a chuckle out of this, as well. I requested a table for one so as not to be bothered with cruise "experts" teaching me about the cruise business. I tried to get the same table I had last year but there were no table numbers out – they hide them the last day of a cruise so people don’t steal them.  Not sure if the maitre d’ was upset at my looking at his computer screen to find the table but he said here was only one table he could give me alone. Boy am I alone! Surrounded by several tables of German deaf, all signing. The only sounds are the chuckling stewards chatting among themselves! I get a few looks from the surrounding folks. Actually, it’s fun watching the interaction of these folks.

Remember "assumption is the mother of all screw-ups"? Well I watched a young lady who was bubbling with enthusiasm signing a-mile-a-minute with a big smile on her face. The young man next to her kept grabbing her hands and I figured he was trying to calm her down or shut her up. Imagine my surprise when they left the table and he opened a white cane! He was reading her signing by holding her hands. Not sure if he is deaf as well as blind but it sure showed me I shouldn’t jump to conclusions!
Obviously, I have gained access to satellite internet. Feel free to send me messages but please hold jokes and forwards until the end of the month to stop me from heading to the poor house with high satellite rates.
Keep well!

At-sea Fred

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