Posted by: cruise2 | 20 September, 2011

Cuba Cruise Postpones Launch Date


CUBA Cruise has announced that it will not proceed with planned cruises for the 2011-12 winter season but will postpone the launch to December 2012.

Cuba Cruise was scheduled to commence operations December 4.  Although everything was in place for a successful operation and early sales were indicative of strong demand, the company decided that more time was needed to develop sales channels within the travel agent community.  Although several key wholesale partners had agreed to promote the cruises, the time taken to negotiate those contracts and the time it has taken them to bring the product to market, was longer than expected. The result was that product was not reaching the end consumer quickly enough, creating uncertainty over expected occupancy levels.

The company has therefore decided to postpone operations to the 2012 winter season and use the intervening time to further develop and implement the sales partnerships and distribution channels that are critical for success.

All bookings that have been taken to date will be fully and promptly refunded by Cuba Cruise.

Cuba Cruise regrets the postponement and sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience this action may cause for consumers who have already booked, for our preferred sales partners, as well as for Louis Cruises from whom arrangements had been made to charter the vessel Cristal.


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