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Cruise People, Ltd. a Client’s Review of VACANCIER

Downstream from Quebec City, the St. Lawrence ...

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The Cruise: 

It was my style – not luxurious, etc.

The crew were THE most helpful, kind, considerate people you could imagine.  It consistently went out of its way to accommodate what ever you wanted – e.g.:  I had washed out a T-shirt in our cabin which was taking forever to dry.  So, I went to the front desk, explained the dilemma and NO problem – give it to us, we will dry it (and ironed it) and have it back to you soon.

Our cabin was an outside cabin, small and adequate – one does not spend time in one’s cabin on a cruise.  It was self contained with a funny bathroom – cramped for space the toilet was part way in the shower.  The shower was fantastic – all the hot water you could want.

Cabins came singles, twin, double, bunk – with or without amenities.  We had with.  Others had a sink in the room and went down the hall to the toilet / showers.   Interior and exterior (with port holes).

We had a cafeteria breakfast – everything from fruit, yogurt, cold cereal, eggs (two kinds), French toast, bacon / ham / sausage, toast and coffee, tea, etc.  Lunch was a sit down affair – soup / salad, main course, always something chocolate for dessert (not quite but almost).  I opted for soup and a BIG salad.  I’d never make it through two major meals in a day.  Dinner was another sit down affair with table cloths, napkins, stemmed glasses, etc.  Always two choices of main course.  One could order wine with meals.

In addition to the breakfast / lunch / dinner arrangements, there was a snack bar from which you could purchase drinks, snack foods, etc.

There was an entertainment lounge – Island performers. There were talks or films about features of the St. Lawrence River, whales, birds, and about the Island.
You could book tours while on the Islands or rent a car – we rented – easier to see what we wanted to see.

There were stop overs at a place called Chandler on the Gaspé as well as at Quebec City.  You could book a tour for each of those stops or – I am a walker and just took off to see what I could see.  LOTS –

The fellow passengers were a mixed group – many had been on other cruises, some were on this cruise for the 2-3 time.  Honeymooners, retired folks, etc.  We were seated in groups of 4 or 6 at the sit down meals – the crew tried to be sure we were at a table where the other diners spoke English – my friend was conversational in French – I am not.

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