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Getting Through Security and on Your Way Faster!

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Every day thousands of passengers pass through Canada’s airports making for an often hectic, and hurried pre-flight check-in experience for most travellers. From the carry-on baggage restrictions to the airport baggage screening procedures, airline passengers face a number of security checkpoint hurdles that can affect the time it takes for them to arrive at their departure gate.

Getting through airport security screening quickly starts with you.

What To Wear

Since all passengers must pass through a walk-through metal detector, we suggest you decrease the likelihood of setting off the alarm:

  • Dress comfortably with easy-to-remove outerwear, jackets, belts and slip-on shoes
  • Limit jewellery to small earrings, watches, wedding bands/engagement rings, eyeglasses
  • Wear clothing without snaps, metal buttons, or studs
  • Avoid wearing shoes with metal arches, buckles, steel-toes or shanks
  • Avoid wearing belts with metal buckles.
  • Remove hidden body piercings before you fly

Remember, if you set off the alarm while walking through the metal detector you will have to undergo further screening to determine its source. This may include hand “wanding” and/or a physical search.

How To Pack

Your carry-on baggage and bins will go through the baggage screening x-ray for careful examination by a Screening Officer. Here are a few tips to minimize the potential for the further delay of an additional carry-on baggage content search:

  • Avoid over-packing!
  • Ensure your carry-on baggage has easy access to remove your laptop computer, video and film cameras.
  • Place personal toiletry items in clear, see-through bags. Only bring liquids, aerosols and gels that are packaged in containers with a capacity of 100 ml / 100 grams (3.4 oz) or less, and ensure that the containers fit into one transparent, closed and resealable plastic bag with a capacity of no more than 1 litre (1 quart).
  • Exempted liquids should be packed so that they can easily be removed from carry-on baggage for inspection.
  • Avoid packing gifts and souvenirs containing liquids, aerosols and gels in your carry-on. These include: liquor, wine, beer, snowglobes, cans of condensed soup, maple syrup, perfume, and lotion. Put them in checked baggage or ship them separately.

Be Prepared!

Remember, all passengers have to go through airport security screening. Common courtesy and patience go a long way in making the process less stressful and more efficient for everybody. Make sure you:

  • Have your boarding pass ready to present for verification.  At some airports, the validation of your boarding pass will be done automatically by a scanner.
  • Tag your carry-on and checked baggage with your contact information
  • Give yourself plenty of time – go through pre-board screening well in advance of your flight especially during peak travel periods (early morning, noon, and early evening)
  • Leave empty baggage carts outside of the screening checkpoint
  • NEVER joke or make “small talk” about bombs, firearms or other weapons while going through pre-board screening. Depending on the circumstances, you could be charged with an offence under the Canadian Aviation Security Regulations
  • Understand what to expect during a physical search

For a complete list of air travel prohibited items in Canada including baggage carry-on restrictions, please visit the CATSA Pack Smart page.

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