Posted by: cruise2 | 15 February, 2011

First Aid Kit Suggestions for Travellers


This list is simply a suggestion for things to include in your kit.

This is a good time to replenish all items in your kit that have expired in 2010.

Whether you are driving a few hours for a weekend away or travelling across the globe, a good first-aid kit is a must.

You should include most of the following items:

1. Antacids

2. Gravol or motion sickness medication

3. Fiber supplements, laxatives & diarrhea medication

4. Cold suppressants and decongestants

5. Antibiotic cream

6. Anti fungal skin cream

7. After sun lotion

8. Hand sanitizers

9. Antiseptic wipes

10. Bandages of all sizes

11. Tensor bandage

12. Sterile gauze pads to put over wounds

13. Adhesive tape

14. Disposable non-latex gloves

15. Scissors, tweezers & safety pins

16. Thermometer

17. Single use ice packs

18. Vitamins you would normally take

19. Prescriptions in the original pack

20. Copies of passport, insurance papers, emergency contacts.


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