Posted by: cruise2 | 18 January, 2010

QUEEN ELIZABETH Takes to The Water


  1. A marvellous vision of the professionalism of contemporary Ship Builders. My wife and I sailed on the inaugural Voyage of the Queen Victoria in 2008, voyaging from Sydney to London and thence, on the QM2, to New York. On the 23rd February, next year, we shall voyage again on the Q.E. Sydney, with its due honour to another Great Mariner, Captain James Cook, shall welcome our visitors to the Harbour City and some to the Hunter Valley. We hope to meet your friends and yourself on the Q.E. Just look for us. For us the Q.E. is a history of being on the Seas with the wonderful olde Fairstar, Canberra, Queen Elizabeth 11, Royakl Viking Sun, Queen Victoria, Queen Mary 11 and in 2011, the Queen Elizabeth. When we are in New York, we choose The Casablanca in W43st. A mere cricket pitch of length to the vision of Times Square. Keep in touch

    • Thank you for your wonderful post.

      It would be nice to sail in Queen Elizabeth but I cannot for see it happening yet. We have a style of ship in common. I sailed in Oriana, in your part of the world in RV Sky, and many times in QE2. You never know you might meet some of our clients. An interesting ship I think you might have enjoyed was SA Vaal of Safmarine. My dad and I travelled from Southampton to Durban in her in 1976. Best Regards

  2. Desr Cruise 2.

    Ah – indeed, the memories of another age and voyaging. Then and now, we voyaged as passengers, never as clients.
    If you are unable to voyage on some sectors of Q.E., why not consider, Sydney to Singapore. You visit Melbourne and Perth, two beautiful cities on either ends of Australia. On the last Transatlantic crossing of Q.E.2, we were somewhere downwards, but most fortunate to be on that crossing. Then we met a gentleman, Joe Lawless, who was a waiter and barber and hair consultant on the Queen Mary. He llives in Southampton.
    Please keep in contact for the pleasure of converse. As February of next year is a splendid reality, but nervous, I shall be most pleased to remit a remembrance of the Q.E. Two friends of ours from New Jersey, ventured forth. Discovered, somewhere on the endless American highway, that the tickets and passports were still in New Jersey. Most fortunately, they were able, at some distance, to do a u-turn and be at the mooring in time. Whenever we travel, four questions are uppermost – tickets, passports, moolah – credit card (so beloved of Cunard). Incidentally, these friends are undergoing – piratical exercising – or Mary Bonney, on the QM.2 – How times have changed.

    With every regard to all, who may read.

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