Posted by: cruise2 | 8 October, 2009

RMS QUEEN MARY 2 to Become Largest Ship Ever to Visit the Clyde


RMS Queen Mary 2, the most famous ship in service, will make her inaugural call to Greenock and the Clyde on Monday 19 October 2009 during a special ‘lap-of-honour’ to mark her fifth birthday. Queen Mary 2 will be the largest ship ever to have sailed up the Clyde – a river which has binding and historical ties to Cunard as over 120 Cunarders have been launched there since 1839. Cunard Line is also celebrating the 170th Anniversary of its founding in 2009 – so a double celebration for the company and its flagship.

The 151,400-ton Queen Mary 2 will arrive at Greenock at 0800 hours on 19 October and remain at the Greenock Ocean Terminal until 1830 hours. To mark the call there will be a firework display immediately before her departure.
Commenting on the visit, Cunard’s Managing Director Peter Shanks, said:
“Most of Cunard’s great ships, including Cunard’s first ship Britannia, and Lusitania, Aquitania, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, Caronia and Queen Elizabeth 2 were all built on the Clyde. As a proud Scotsman myself, born in Glasgow and having spent my early years in Troon, I can say just how we proud we are of our associations with the river. It is appropriate for our flagship Queen Mary 2 to pay tribute to her Scottish forbears and this visit during Queen Mary 2’s birthday celebrations is very fitting”.

The voyage commemorates the introduction into service of RMS Queen Mary 2 five years ago in January 2004. Still the largest, longest, tallest, widest, most expensive ocean liner ever built and, since the retirement of QE2, the fastest passenger ship in the world. Queen Mary 2 entered service just four days after being named by Her Majesty The Queen during the most spectacular naming ceremony Southampton, her home port, had ever seen. Since that historic entry into service Queen Mary 2 has sailed almost 750,000 nautical miles, completed over 120 Atlantic crossings (the route for which she was specifically built, the first passenger ship to be built for that trade in 35 years), and made calls to 115 ports in 45 countries.

Since becoming Cunard flagship in May 2004, taking over the mantle from Queen Elizabeth 2, Queen Mary 2 has also become one of the most celebrated ships in the world and successfully continues the Cunard passenger liner tradition established 170 years ago.




  1. A French built ship, crewed by non union coolies, owned by an American company but cleverly marketed as a British boat.
    Some might believe but I don’t.

    • Certainly a thoght prevoking comment. Can’t think of a union liner/cruise ship nowadays other than the Hawaii ships. Yes an American company. Indeed French built by same yard that constructed NORMANDY. Ship feels British to me. Tnx yr input.

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