Posted by: cruise2 | 8 April, 2009

A Passenger Freighter for All Ages


It’s sad to find people who don’t discover passenger freighter travel until they are above the age limit. When we find a product which has no age limits, we want to get the word out as quickly as possible. This passenger freighter will also carry very young children!:

Z-0835 – East coast to Europe and Mexico – NO AGE LIMITS AS LONG AS HEALTH IS GOOD! Approximately 42 days full round trip. Segments available (space permitting and subject to cabotage).

Two double cabins. Rates from Euro 90 per person per day plus taxes and fees.

Ports – Countries / Duration in days
Genoa, Italy 0
Barcelona, Spain 1
Valencia, Spain 3
Port Everglades, Florida / USA 15
Veracruz, Mexico 18
Altamira, Mexico 19
Houston, Texas / USA 21
New Orleans, Louisiana / USA 23
Cagliari, Italy 39
Leghorn, Italy 41
Genoa, Italy

Please call, fax or e-mail for more information.

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