Posted by: cruise2 | 22 April, 2008

POLAR STAR Antarctic Special


PS89-01 BOOKING OFFER – Now 25% Off Select Cabins

(Offer expires: July 30, 2008)

The Great Antarctic Expedition

PS89 – 01 (Nov. 4 – 22, 2008) 19 days/ 18 nights

Often described as a grand expedition, in addition to the Antarctic Peninsula, in this programme the ship first sails to the Falklands and South Georgia. Delve into the history of the Falklands and look for the several species of penguins as well as nesting albatross. In South Georgia the stunning landscapes of glaciers, snow capped mountains, tussock grass and beaches feature large numbers of seals and incredibly large King penguin colonies. The voyage continues to the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands where history and wildlife abound – penguins, seals, whales and seabirds. This is a programme that awakens the senses.


            K1-T     $9,370.00                $ 7,027.50

            K1-D     $11,310.00              $ 8,482.50

            K2-D     $12,995.00              $ 9,746.25

            K3-D     $13,645.00              $10,233.75

            K4-T     $11,960.00              $ 8,970.00

            K4-D     $15,200.00              $11,400.00

            K6-D     $16,495.00              $12,371.25

            K7-D     $17,210.00              $12,907.50

Prices are per person in US Funds based on double (D) or triple (T) occupancy; single supplement is 1.6x double rate.

Provisional Fuel Surcharge of $15 per passenger per night is in effect.

There is still good availability in most cabin categories.  Please contact if you require detailed availability.


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