Posted by: cruise2 | 4 April, 2008

Princess Cruises to Host First-Ever Live Opera Transmission at Sea


In an industry exclusive event, Princess ships will become the first cruise vessels ever to broadcast a live performance from the Metropolitan Opera in New York. The special The Met: Live on the High Seas presentation of Puccini’s La Bohème will be held on Saturday, April 5 as part of the Met’s series of eight opera performances that are transmitted live via satellite to movie theatres around the world (The Met: Live in HD).

This unique experience will be offered across Princess’ 16-ship fleet. On vessels equipped with Movies Under the Stars, passengers can enjoy a unique “Opera Under the Stars” event, as they take in the production on the giant poolside LED screens. Other vessels will show the broadcast in the Princess Theater. Opera lovers and newcomers alike can enjoy this famous love story while sailing in locations such as Mexico, the Caribbean, or Hawaii, as well as exotic locations such as Cape Horn and Egypt.

I can remember the days in RMS Franconia when we would assemble in the Parasol Lounge at 18 hours to listen to the BBC World Service news broadcast over the Tannoy (PA).  As often as not, after a minute of hissing and static, the wireless room would come on the Tannoy to say the broadcast was not of commercial value and it would terminate.

Puccini’s most popular masterwork, La Bohème tells the story of a community of artists in Paris, and is the opera that inspired Broadway’s hit musical, RENT. Acclaimed soprano Angela Gheorghiu and tenor Ramón Vargas star as Mimi and Rodolfo in Italian director and designer Franco Zeffirelli’s iconic production. Nicola Luisotti conducts.

“It’s quite unusual to be able to sit by a pool in the Caribbean and watch a world-class opera live from New York,” said Jan Swartz, Princess’ senior vice president. “We’re very excited to be breaking new ground with this first-ever live Metropolitan Opera broadcast at sea. It’s a rare opportunity to present our passengers with such an enriching cultural experience included in their cruise.”

The Met: Live in HD was launched during the 2006-07 season as part of the Met’s new mission to revitalize the art form and to attract new and larger audiences to opera. The initiative expanded from six to eight opera transmissions in 2007-08, and also includes distribution in New York City public schools. Global distribution of the series triples this season to reach more than 600 participating venues in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. France and New Zealand join the international network on April 5.

The Met: Live on the High Seas is one of many special events and features shown daily on Princess’ giant Times Square-style Movies Under the Stars LED screens. The unique, 300-square-foot screens show up to seven movies or events daily, including family films and first run hits, as well as concert footage and other special programming. In the evenings, lounge chairs are covered with special cushions and blankets and Princess’ hallmark poolside service is available to enhance the viewing experience with free popcorn plus a variety of drink specials and movie snacks. Movies Under the Stars is featured in Caribbean Princess, Crown Princess, Emerald Princess, Grand Princess and Sea Princess.

Additional information about Princess Cruises is available through The Cruise People, Ltd, Canada’s original cruise only agency, on 1-800-268-6523.


  1. y have me vacation in the golden princess cruisess lines in may 2008 y wass not happy whit our head waiter because whi dont have a regular table in the traditional dainig room whi mast to beg mstr radu head waiter from roumania everi night to give us a table in personal choice daining room ,and special our maitre d otel MARIO PROPATO hi never have time to leasen me and me husband because it wass all the time bussy whit one off the crew members to kiss her and too all moust …….aniway whi will like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO OUR WAITRESS FROM POLAND MISS MONICA AND TO HER HUSBAND FROM MEXICO BECAUSE THEI GIVE USS A REALY EXCELENT SERVICE AND NOVEBODY TRATE USS LIKE THEM.THANK YOU VERY MUCH MISS MONICA Y APRECIATE YOU ,BUT Y WILL NEVER NEVER SPEEND ME VACATION WHIT THIS COMPANY PRINCESS CRUISESS LINES IS JUST A LOUSE OFF THE TIME . THANK YOU MONICA ,JANICE.

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