Posted by: cruise2 | 3 April, 2008

CALEDONIA Enters Service


Canadian Sailing Expeditions Inc. entered its sailing expedition cruise vessel Caledonia into the fast growing small ship cruise sector. The Canadian built, flagged, and crewed 245′ Caledonia has now entered passenger service calling on the French Caribbean and Dominica. Her arrival in the Caribbean makes CSE the only Canadian cruise line that trades internationally. Built as a traditional sailing ship on the exterior, Caledonia is a finely appointed modern cruise vessel on the inside. An exciting summer voyaging series includes the small intimate ports of Québec, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Nova Scotia.

“We, are thrilled to be delivering a high quality Canadian product in the global cruise trade”, says CSE President Doug Prothero, “the real satisfaction comes in having the opportunity to take travellers seeking unique experiences to out of the way places in a mode and style that exceeds their expectations!”

Veteran small ship cruisers Bob and Cindy Jamison of Atlanta who recently sailed in Caledonia (adding a second week whilst on board) said “the crew are[sic] wonderful…the cabins are very comfortable…and the food is amazing.”

CSE offers seven day coastal cruising adventures in Canada and the Caribbean in the intimate setting of  Caledonia, a 77 passenger Canadian built adventure cruise vessel. The ship desalinates her own water, treats her sewage, buys provisions fresh from local suppliers, and is wind powered – a truly green cruise offering.

For more information please contact The Cruise People, Ltd. on 1-800-268-6523.


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