Posted by: cruise2 | 31 December, 2007

Captain Giuseppe Romano Named Commodore of Princess Cruises Fleet


Captain Giuseppe Romano, a 31-year veteran of Princess and Sitmar Cruises, has been named commodore of the company’s 16-ship fleet. He becomes the senior master of the fleet and will represent the interests of all ships and their captains.

The title of commodore is an honour that is traditionally bestowed upon the most senior captain of a fleet of ships, and the position represents the highest rank attainable to a merchant mariner.

“We’re delighted that Giuseppe Romano will serve as commodore of the Princess fleet,” said Alan Buckelew, Princess’ chief executive officer. “This honour is a well-deserved recognition of his long career of service and contributions to Princess over the years.”

Commodore Romano is presently serving aboard Caribbean Princess where he has been master since 2004.

Commodore Romano, age 56, who hails from Sorrento, Italy, studied at the Nautical Institute “Nino Bixio,” Piano di Sorrento, one of the oldest Maritime Schools in Italy. He began his career at sea in 1970 as a cadet with Lauro Lines. After serving for two years in the Italian Navy, Romano sailed in various types of cargo ships, including oil tankers and bulk carriers. He joined Sitmar Cruises as a second officer in the summer of 1976. His first appointment as captain was aboard the former Dawn Princess in December 1990. Throughout his 17-year career as a captain, Commodore Romano has commanded many of the Princess ships.

According to Commodore Romano, one of the most memorable events in his career was in the summer of 1998, when as captain of Grand Princess, he was able to sail the new vessel – then the largest cruise ship in the world — along the coast of his hometown, Sorrento, with family and friends watching from ashore.

When not at sea, the Commodore lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with his wife, Sabina, and two sons, Luca and Marco.



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  3. Ahoy, Haryanto:

    Just a reminder that this blog is operated by The Cruise People, Ltd., a travel agency that has specialized in cruising since 1972.

    I am sorry but we have no way of getting your email to the Comodore. I am afraid you’ll have to try a different channel.

    Good luck with your ndeavours.

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