Posted by: cruise2 | 22 November, 2007

Where Are Some of the Older Cruise Ships?


Thomas Cook Canada, made up in part by Holiday House Greece & the Mediterranean and Encore CruiseEscapes,  is the new General Sales Agent in Canada for Monarch Classic Cruises.

Specializing in affordable, small ship cruising in the Greek Isles and the Mediterranean, Monarch offers travellers an ideal mode of travel when visiting this region’s many idyllic ports-of-call.

“We are Monarch Classic Cruises in Canada,” said Lars Löfgren, President and COO of Thomas Cook Canada. “We are proud to represent Monarch as we believe it offers truly unique and intimate cruise experiences in Mediterranean and Aegean, something that complements and enhances the product we currently offer through both Holiday House Greece & the Mediterranean and Encore CruiseEscapes.”

Monarch features three classic,  cruise vessels (all of which were refurbished in spring 2007) – Ocean Monarch known to many as Costa’s Daphne, Blue Monarch (World Renaissance  of Paquet)  and Ocean Countess (Cunard Countess of 1976) – that range between 11,429 and 17,593 tons (accommodating between 500 and 800 passengers), and offer a multitude of outside cabins, diverse menus, an international wine list, a selection of lounges, a disco, a casino, and a guest/crew ratio of almost 2 to 1.

In terms of itineraries,  Blue Monarch offers a seven-day 3 Continents – 5 Countries cruise that visits the Greek Isles, Turkey, Egypt, Israel and Cyprus, as well as a seven-day Golden Fleece itinerary that starts in Piraeus and visits Santorini, Heraklion, Rhodes, Patmos, Kusadesi, Istanbul and Mykonos, before heading back to Piraeus for the conclusion of the cruise.

There is also a 12-day Cruise Tour available through Encore CruiseEscapes (which is featured in the new 2007-2009 brochure) that explores the Greek Isles, Turkey, Egypt, Israel and Cyprus, in addition to an escorted land portion that includes, three nights at a five-star Athens hotel, a half-day sightseeing tour of the city, a full-day Delphi tour, the services of a dedicated Encore CruiseEscapes escort for the entire journey, and more.

Ocean Countess
and Ocean Monarch each offer three- and four-day Aegean Discovery cruises that explore the Greek Isles and Turkey.

Departures for all itineraries run from April through November.

Offering a great way to explore the many wonders of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas due to the small size of each vessel, passengers are able to disembark quickly and easily at each port, allowing them to make the most of their time on land visiting historic sites or just soaking up the culture.

The Cruise People, Ltd staff is delighted to have these vessels and programmes once again easily available to North American travellers.  In fact John Lang recalls being present at the christening of Cunard Countess at San Juan in August of 1976.

While not being modern luxury ships in any way this ships and programmes are just what many travellers have been waiting for.


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