Posted by: cruise2 | 8 November, 2007

New Transatlantic Cargo-Passenger Service Available


A new Bremen now sails between Southampton and New York.The Cruise People Ltd is pleased to announce the availability of a new Transatlantic cargo-passenger service aboard the container ship OOCL Bremen, delivered this August to renowned Hamburg shipowner F Laeisz.The 7,520-ton OOCL Bremen now accepts passengers between Rotterdam, Hamburg, Le Havre nd Southampton in Europe and New York, Norfolk and Charleston in the United States. Together with the 32,000-ton container ship m/v Hamburgo, owned by another famed Hamburg shipowner, Rickmers Reederei, and operating between Antwerp, Hamburg, Rotterdam and Liverpool in Europe and New York, Norfolk and Savannah in the US, the two ships offer sailings on an approximately fortnightly basis.OOCL Bremen is fitted with an Owners cabin and a standard double, whileHamburgo has an Owners cabin and a single. Each vessel offers a sailingevery 28 days.Both F Laeisz and Rickmers once operated clipper ships. Laeisz owned thefamous Flying P’s – Pamir, Passet and Peking while the last Rickmers clipper ship, Rickmers Rickmers, is still in existence as a floating restaurant in the Port of Hamburg.Fares range from €80 to €105 per day plus dues and taxes.Intending passengers should note that as cargo ships are not included in the US visawaiver programme they will require a full US visa to enter the United States, unless they are US or Canadian citizens, but are allowed to board without visa at the last US port, viz Charleston or Savannah, for Europe.

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  1. Please send e mail with phone number. I want to book for one American passenger with personal belongings from the uk to the USA.

  2. I am interested in a transatlantic journey – either from Charleston or Savannah to the UK during August. Can you please let me know availability and cost. Thanks.

    • Hello,

      I was wondering if you ever found out the pricing for this journey? I’m trying to book a trip as well but its hard to figure out where to buy your ticket and who from. I found a ticket for August 1st leaving out of the Port of Charleston which is close to me since I live in GA. The ship is the MSC Uganda.

  3. Greetings;

    I am looking at moving from the east coast of Canada to Oslo in Norway. I would about twenty small boxes, suitcases and two cats. Because of the cats, I want to travel with them and my “stuff”.

    Reading above, your only departure point in America is New York and, which of the cities mentionned would be closer to Oslo? I am a Canadian citizen.

    Can I please have some idea how feasible it is and a range of prices?

    Otherwise, would you be so kind to refer me to a company that would fill in my needs?

    Thank you.

    B. Bianco

    • Hello, I have a question in response to your inquiry… I want to go from Spain to Canada with my VW van and my dog, were you able achieve your goal.

      • Hello Miguel,

        I am also looking to go from Spain (preferably Malaga) to anywhere in the USA in May with my VW westfalia, and 2 dogs I’m having a very hard time finding freighter or cargo companies. Have you had any luck? If you have any information that would help me, please contact.

        Thank you,

        Lise Frank

      • Hi, Miguel and Lise:
        There is no ship that carries animals except for RMS QUeen Mary 2 (a ship we sell). Her kennels are always full and last I heard she was full for this year. is a bit of a fun promo for that service.

  4. Greetings;
    I am interested in journey from Hamburg to NY, I want to travel with mid- sized dog in 8/08, can you please let me know availability and cost?
    Thank you

  5. please send details of how to book a passage asap. thanks,

  6. we are interested in travelling from southampton england in june/july 2010 to new york. we would then spend a couple of weeks in usa and canada and then would like to travel back from new york to england. can you help with viability of this trip please.

  7. Please can you send me information about travelling from Southampton or Liverpool UK to NYC? I will be moving there at the end of August and can’t get all my stuff on a plane. How much is the baggage allowance?


  8. my wife and I are emigrating to Uk in May/June 2009 and are considering sailing because of baggage restrictions. Can you help with schedule info. We are attracted to possible freighter travel and are simply seeking clean, efficient and affordable transportation. Many thanks.

    John Churchill.

  9. I am interested in a July 2008 crossing for 2 people (couple) – from France to New York. We are in Brittany, France.

    Please let me know of the availability and prices.

    thank you.


  10. Returning to USA in 2009 with some furniture and personal belongings and seeking reasonable means of transport . How far ahead are you booked out of S’hampton? Cost for freight and passenger?.

  11. We are US citizens interested in going to UK and Germany to visit friends in May and returning to US in July. Any info you can provide would be appreciated. We will be 66 and 67 than and would prefer to sail from the nearest US port of departure.

  12. The present state of trans-Atlantic passenger freighter service.

    None of the ships will accept pets.
    Vehicles are not accepted BUT we have a company which does provide vehicle shipping at a reasonable price. It is lower cost due to using Roll on – Roll off ships saving the cost of using a container.

    At the moment, there are three ships from Montreal to Liverpool, on to Antwerp and back to Montreal. One-way voyages are accepted (space permitting). This means a sailing about every ten days or so.

    There is one ship from Halifax which sails to the Mediterranean via the Caribbean. She has only one cabin, which makes space difficult to find.

    There are three ships sailing from the USA. Some itineraries are under change. Ask for the latest information.

    We also offer a ship from the west coast to Europe via the Suez Canal for those with extra time and the desire to see more of the world.

    Please e-mail for more information.


  13. Please note that we are a sea travel agency dealing with passengers. We are NOT involved with shipping freight. For the shipping of freight, furniture and cartons, please contact a freight forwarding company.

    Passengers are allowed a reasonable amount of luggage but no crates, cartons, furniture allowed.

    In general terms, passengers may bring as much luggage as they can carry up the gangway themselves and store in their cabin. If pressed for a figure, most lines would say 100 kg.

  14. Please could you supply details for travel of 2 passengers from UK to anywhere on the eastern seaboard of the US, esp Savannah or Charleston (ultimate destination N. Carolina) from 18th Nov onwards and returning some time in April 2008. Dates are flexible.

    Thanks, Jacqui.

  15. We are looking for a passenger ship from USA to any port in the U.K We intend to go last week in June for approx 1 month in 2009. Any help or advice most welcomed, I will reply to anyone who can help me. Thank you

  16. Interest in Antwerp to Montreal route. How long is the jorney? How much? I would be traveling as a single. Availability? I currently live in Brussels so last minute to Antwerp no problem. American passport holder.


  17. interested in booking for one American passenger with baggage from the eastcoast, USA to Spain.

  18. Hi, I’m looking for a cargo-passenger ride to newyork from the uk. Something cheaper than the cruise ships. My big fear of flying is leading me to find alternative travel. Please contact me asap

    Thank you

  19. I would like to travel from Southampton to USA in either June or July 2009 returning 8 – 12 weeks later.
    Please could you advise on this with sailing dates and costs.
    Could you also advise if possible how I would get a Visa for visiting both USA and Canda.

    Many Thanks


  21. Trans-Atlantic Update

    We have three ships from Montreal to Liverpool and Antwerp. It takes approx 8-9 days from Montreal to Liverpool and 2-3 days more to reach Antwerp. It’s about 10-11 days from Antwerp to Montreal. Costs are about $200 CANADIAN a day plus taxes at present exchange rates.

    There is now a ship from Halifax to the Mediterranean via Cuba. Round voyage is approx. 32 days. Passengers must obtain a Cuba tourist card. No segments from Halifax to Cuba. The new ship on this itinerary has three double cabins. She has been late on some voyages.

    Security has reduced the number of ships to/from the USA.

    Sina sails from the east coast, through the Mediterranean and the Suez to India and back.

    We still have service from the west coast to the Mediterranean.

    Polish Ocean still sails from Cleveland or Burns Harbor to the Mediterranean. This is a fine product but only to be considered if you are very flexible with dates and destinations.

    There is no longer any service between USA and the UK.

    • I would like prices for travel for one passenger to UK or Europe any port with my V.W camp-mobile has high top 95″
      14′ long or price per cubic,from east or west coast travel early or late May ,need contact information that can accommodate if you can not
      thank graham

    • Is there any possibility to depart from Europe to US or Canada taking with me my little dog?Is there other company different from Cunard QM2?It is always sold out and I don’t know other way for shipping my dog with me.Please, can you help me?

      • Regret, Andrea, there is no other way by sea.

        Queen Mary 2 kennel space opens in April for the following year (historically) and it sels out within two weeks.

  22. I’m interested in passage from South America to South Africa. Dates and ports extremely flexible. If you do not offer anything in this region could you suggest another broker? I appreciate any information you may be able to provide.

    Cheers! John

  23. on 17 July, 2008 at 12:35
    Fred Cherney wrote;

    “Vehicles are not accepted BUT we have a company which does provide vehicle shipping at a reasonable price. It is lower cost due to using Roll on – Roll off ships saving the cost of using a container.”

    Could you please provide a link and/or other info about this company. In particular, I am investigating shipping my 19′ RoadTrek RV from Canada to Europe for an extended trip, then returning the vehicle to Canada.

  24. I m looking for the trip from Hambourg to New York in june or july 2009. I m trvavelling alone, and will stay en united states for a couple of weeks. Thank you to give me some informations about the price and the posibilities.

    C. A.-D

  25. I am looking for a container ship from the UK to America ASAP. I am currently in Edinburgh but can leave from anywhere in the UK. I would like to go to Norfolk, USA. I have travelled freighter msny times in the past. Please reply with any freighters that are similar to the itinerary.



  26. Hi, Im interested in travelling from Hamburg to Norfolk, Va, USA on a ship. Would just like to know info. about departure dates and prices for one person.


  27. I am hoping to take my kids (18 and 15 years) from the UK to New York by ship, either in March or July/August 2009. Please could you email me with any possibilities? Many thanks.

  28. I broke one arm and cannot travel by plane during a few months, but I need to be in the USA by the end of December 2008. Please tell me what is the next ship from Europe to USA.

  29. Is there any possibility to travel from Le Havre, Rotterdam, Bremershaven or Hamburg (or any other port close to Switzerland) to Montreal (Canada) and back? In Mai or June 2009. Please send me schedules and prices. Many thanks.

  30. I am planning to move from South Africa to England and Im looking for a roll on/roll off cargo ship to travel by Due to all Im Taking with me is my Car. Please can you Help me with some number of companies in South Africa and the cheapest ones Please Thanking You

    Garreth Moss
    (South Africa)

  31. Due to move to Europe, Is there a possibility to travel on a ship , 2 dogs and my car to any Western Europe location from any East coast harbor?

    I am open as to dates and destination.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  32. What is the best way for me to find information on passenger fare from New York to Southampton? I don’t have any dates available yet, but if there is a separate website with fares and dates listed or a number or email where I can reach you, I would appreciate that.

    Thank you,

    • Hi, Alice. If you check to the right under “pages” you will see “Contact the Cruise People”. We look forward to hearing from you.

  33. Hi
    Investigating crossing from Southampton to New York for a conference that starts on the 7th Oct.
    Possibility, prices and return dates?

  34. Hello, I am studying in Europe but would like to get home to the U.S. this summer with a lower impact on the environment, so I am hoping to take a transatlantic cargo ship. I read about the OOCL Bremen and am wondering if you have ships travelling to the U.S. this summer and what is the schedule and costs please. Also, is there any possibility of working on the ship during the crossing to pay for all or part of my way? Thank you so much, ~Katia

  35. I desperately need to find passage on a cargo ship to the US at the end of this month, June 2009 for myself and three children aged 16, 13 and 10. Could you please let me know as soon as possible if there is any availability leaving from either England or Northern Europe and arriving in either New York, New Jersey or Boston. Return passage is more flexible but should be around end of July, early August.

    I would appreciate it if you could let me know this information as soon as possible. Many thanks.

  36. Greetings,

    Interested in shipping my potential in-laws over from England to the southeastern US. Their son is VERY homesick and it would be a great thing for them as well.

    Both have health problems – diabetes and asthma and they refuse to fly.

    They live in Weymouth – southern coast of the UK, could leave from anywhere in the UK and preferably I’d like to pick them up in Charleston, SC. Anywhere on the east coast would be lovely.

    Much gratitude in advance

  37. Hallo,
    I am interested in a transatlantic trip by cargo or container
    ship from New Jersey to Europe (destination options: Hamburg, Bremen, Szczecin, Gdynia, Gdansk). Could you
    please let me know about availibility and cost.
    Tad Florek

  38. HI there,

    I am interested in sailing from the UK to North America in Feb 2010. Would you be able to help me with an idea about what is possible and cost etc, and how to go about it.



  39. Hello,

    In July 2010 any time from Norfolk or New York to anywhere in Europe, how much? I travel light.

    Thanks a lot,

  40. Looking for immediate departure from UK to Canada or USA for one adult, one child – cruise or cargo vessel. Please advise if you have any options for me. Kindest regards,

    • Regret no space liner, cruise ship or passenger freighter through at least mid-May.

  41. Looking for urgent departure from New York to UK – cruise, cargo etc. Please can you advise if there are any options? Mark Elms

  42. Any passenger/cargo ships that accepts passengers going to Scandinavia in December 2010. I am interested in returning early in 2011. Thank you for your attention

  43. Has anyone actually done this, taken a cargo cruise ship to Ireland or England from Canada or the United States? I would like to here about your experience.

    • Have you contacted Fred of this office? He’s been selling passenger freighter travel on these routes for 31 years and he’s done that route. He’s in the office to-day and to-morrow and then off on Via Rail to Halifax for about a fortnight.

  44. Hallo Lise I am in Valencia und I no fan so far der wuey to go to Canada mit main V W und main dog

  45. Sorry, Miguel, passenger freighters no longer carry pets or vehicles to of from North America. This is due to extreme security and fears from bird flu, H1N1 and a great reduction of ships due to the recession.
    As John mentioned, the only ship which will carry pets across the Atlantic is Queen Mary 2 on her kennel deck. I can suggest a company which will ship your vehicle for you.
    If you’d like any more information on either, please e-mail me at
    and I’ll send you info on the vehicle shipping company and check QE2 for you.

  46. Hello, thanks for the quick response. I have another question, have you spoken to Lise Frank because she has the exact same problem as I do? Please get back. P.S. where are you, Europe or America ?

  47. Thanks Fred

  48. Dear Person with the Information Power, Would appreciate any information concerning possible transatlantic crossing from north east coast U.S. to any port in western Europe October thru December 2010.
    Big thanks for your time and effort, bruce

  49. We are looking to sail from East Coast North America to Europe in 2011 (moving permanently) WITH our car ideally end of Sept or in Oct.

    Can you please advise if you can help arrange this (roll on roll off or what ever is possible)?

    Our household belongings will be sent via container.

    Thank you,


  50. HI, I was wondering if it was possible to travel on a conatiner ship from the uk to the east coast of Canada or New York ?
    I am a British Citizen living in Glasgow Scotland and want to visit family in Ontario.

    Any advice you can give will be greatly appreciated,


  51. Please could anyone advise me of my chances of hitching a lift on a container ship from the UK to the east coast of Canada preferably going through the Welland Canal or into Lake Ontario where I can disembark.

    Many thanks,


  52. Hi Andy. Unfortunately, there are no more passenger freighters sailing in or out of eastern Canada. The best I could offer is Polish Ocean (PZM) from Holland to Cleveland. You would need a US visa. This run does include the St. Lawrence Seaway, the Welland Canal and a couple of the Great Lakes. Info on the way by e-mail

  53. Thank you so much for your very helpful reply Fred. I will be looking forward to receiving more info from you in the near future. I’m so glad there is a way for me to get as far as the Welland Canal as I have family just a few minutes walk from it.
    I have checked my e-mail today and and the inbox is empty so if you have already forwarded the info to me please could you do so again?
    Thank you again for your speedy and very helpful reply,


  54. Hi,
    I am wanting to travel from the U.K to New York at the end of July 2012 and return first week of september. Any ideas would be grateful.

  55. Hi, me and my wife are interesting in a transatlantic crossing by a passenger ship or a freighter (not a cruise) from anywhere Europe to New York in December.
    Any advice you can give about the cost and procedures will be greatly appreciated
    Thank you.

    • Can you contact me at 1-800-961-5536 ext 21? There is much I need to know before I can give an accurate answer

  56. Hello, I’m looking to travel from New York city (or Philadelphia area) to either France or England in December 2011. 2 Persons (1 adult + 1 child).
    Would you please let me know of any information.
    Thank you.

  57. Hello,
    When calling your phone number there was no answer, but I do prefer communicating by e-mail anyway, so please mail me a contact e-mail address to get things going.

    • The chap who looks after freighters slews his hours to early in the morning since the freighters are based in Europe.

      I hope/trust you got our voice mail.

      Freighter department can be emailed at

  58. Hi there.I’ve been experiencing huge problems when I flew from Europe to USA. I would like to ask witch are the chances to return to Europe by ship in November or December…

  59. There are many questions, but it appears that no-one has any answers to any of the questions even upon direct contact with the shipping companies.

    • Hi Bill. This is not the site to enquire about specific services. As mentioned repeatedly please contact our frieghter department – the expert on freighters is Fred Cherney his e-mail is Fred replies very quickly to enquiries.

  60. I am a travel agent in the US interested in freighter travel for 2 from the US to France or England-please advise as to dates, ports, prices,etc.

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